Volunteer Open Dates

We need four volunteer couples each month. The number of couples still needed for upcoming months are listed below. A blank space in a month means that we already have enough couples scheduled for that month.  We sometimes do have cancellations, so you can ask to be put on a waiting list.  Please read all the information under the various volunteer links, then complete the volunteer application.  PLEASE COMPLETE ONE APPLICATION PER PERSON. 

- Online Volunteer Application -

  2020 2021 2022
January                                        2 couples needed
February      2 couples needed
March    1 couple needed  2 couples needed
April    1 couple needed  3 couples needed
May    4 couples needed  (serve through June 7th)  4 couples needed   (serve through June 7th)
August    3 couples needed  4 couples needed
September    3 couples needed  4 couples needed
October    3 couples needed  4 couples needed
November  1 couple needed  4 couples needed  4 couples needed